The Great Pumpkin Decor Roundup

The weather is finally changing around here in Arizona. And when I say changing I mean 97 instead of 117. We’ll take it. This is the second part of our fall decor inspiration and what I love best is taking low cost items and transforming them into works of beauty or better yet- artwork. This week I have been home alot due to a family member recovering from surgery, so it really is a great time to transform our house for a much welcomed season.

Every year for years I’d trek out our orange craft store pumpkins. Some years I add leaves, other years sunflowers, and I’ve even wrapped them in fabrics to try to just put a different spin on them. This year I am thankful that white pumpkins are very much in style, especially with farmhouse decor and better yet- I have a great reason to use my art skills to paint on the pumpkins!

Gathering all the orange pumpkins ranging from craft stores to the dollar store.
Next I chalked painted them with one layer white paint. I am careful to keep brushwork going in the same up/down direction. I then let them dry.

Next is fun! I get to bring out acrylic paints and decide on inspiration for each pumpkin. I like to create a theme while each pumpkin looking a bit different. I start with a focal point pumpkin when working with multiples and then work my way from there. This particular one will be a blue truck, because I am really a fan of old pick up trucks.

What I love about this, is I have miniature artworks for years to come. As decor changes and styles change, I can easily trade out as needed. In the round up below are some other bloggers unique takes on pumpkin decor and pumpkin transformations. Let’s see what they have to share:

1. Book Pumpkins by Kids Activities Blog

2. DIY Glitter Pumpkins by Simplistically Living

3. DIY Fabric Pumpkins by Ginger Casa

4. Easy Sew Pumpkins by Kippiathome

5. Beaded Pumpkins by Three Different Directions

6. Pumpkins As Vases by Thrifty Northwest Mom

6. Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern and DIY Tutorial by Joyful Derivatives

7. Wooden Pumpkin Sign Tutorial by Cookies Coffee & Crafts

8. Junkin Pumpkins by Pink Fortitude

I am seriously in love with these ideas. Many you can incorporate the kids in the creation and decor, or have a morning of time to yourself to create on your own. Thrift shops, dollar stores, craft stores are the best way to find low cost items to repurpose and reuse. For me, the cheaper the better and then finding a new way to make it all work adds to the fun.

If you create from any of these ideas or find your own- feel free to share with the Grace & Garden community and comment below.

Blessings, Sarah

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